So You Decided To Be The Antibody To 5 Seconds Of Summer


Wikipedia, backing up your sixth great health teacher, tells us that antibodies are used by our immune systems to neutralize “foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses.” Sometimes fans of punk music seem to fit into that mold as well, that of an antibody. 

It’s not supposed to be that way though, right? Not for a genre that’s dedicated to being open-minded and progressive. No one’s calling 5 Seconds Of Summer “punk” one way or the other, per say, but there’s been a whole lot of talk about how this single band all the way from Australia is out to destroy pop-punk and all of everything you love. Shit, do you think they’re gonna do it?

The band is currently on the cover of AltPress’ August issue with copies arriving in the mail for subscribers this week and will be on stands the week of the 4th for normcore consumers. The issue has caused a lot of outrage, but a member of the band summed up why there’s no true reason for you, random reader X, to be as angry as you have been. Do you know someone that like’s blink-182, but doesn’t like pop-punk? 

The quote resonates, so check that out and maybe take a listen to the most recent episode of Off The Record that included a very large conversation about 5 Seconds Of Summer in relation to our music scene, below.

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